Wild camping on Dartmoor

Wild camping on Dartmoor.

If you fancy wild camping but don't feel like hiding from landowners and digging your own toilet Five Wyches Farm (Bovey Tracey) combines the thrill of sleeping alone amongst the trees with the luxury of toilets,hot showers and potable water. The site is family owned, with pitches set in the fields. You can light your own camp fires in braziers and if it’s warm enough set up a hammock.

Wild camping is tolerated on Dartmoor provided walkers pitch above 500m, away from farmland, and abide by the etiquette of arriving late, leaving early, never lighting fires and leaving no trace. Wild camping opens new communities to long-reaching trips. Wild camping is actively discouraged in some upland areas such as the Peak District, where peat fires are a big risk in dry weather and there is a very fragile ecosystem.

If you're pitching a tent on top of a hill or mountain the chances are it will be windy, so you'll need some strong tent pegs and a suitably robust hammer to put them in with.Wild Camping (or ‘free’ camping), gives you a taste of adventure that organised campsites simply can’t compete with; however many people are concerned about where they are or aren’t allowed to pitch up for the night. Wild camping on open access land is prohibited under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act 2000 ; only Dartmoor is an exception. When wild camping, any water from streams should be purified, preferably by boiling, before drinking. When wild camping the camp location should be selected to minimise the risk of a lightning strike. While wild camping you try and minimise what you take, and how much land you occupy, in order to create as little physical and visual impact as possible. Please remember that wild camping is potentially dangerous and you should make sure you are fully equipped with the correct gear and have the knowledge and experience to use it. Contrary to popular belief, wild camping is not permitted by right on open access land in England and Wales without express permission of the landowner. Staying safe is the most important aspect of wild camping and the more steps you take to ensure your comfort and safety the more you will enjoy it.

Five Wyches Farm has isolated wild camping with long drop toilets and potable water.

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